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2021 Committee Assignments


Volunteers are needed to join several committees.  You do not need to be board member to be part of a committee.  In most cases, volunteering for a committee can count towards your required volunteer hours.  Help is especially needed in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Tournaments

If you are interested in learning more about a becoming a board member or committee member contact the board at

The following committees are established and chair persons named.  Please note that additional members are welcome on most committees.  Individuals interested in helping with one, or more, of the listed committees should contact the specific committee Lead or Co-Chair.

Coaches Selection: FLAFA Board

Fundraising: Melissa Kohoutek, Scott Schneider, John Herrick, Brad Asplund

Team Selection: All Board Members

Webmaster: Brad Asplund, Melissa Kohoutek

Equipment: Hank Lynch, Melissa Kohoutek

Parent Information Meeting: Alyce Kaufman, Nick Rohne, Melissa Kohoutek, Paul Stenglein

Field Scheduling/Coordination: Melissa Kohoutek

Volunteers: Melissa Kohoutek, Melinda Antonson, Nick Rohne

Uniforms, Retail & Apparel: Melissa Kohoutek, Brad Asplund, Melinda Antonson, Hank Lynch, Mike Dowdall

Youth Night: Paul Stenglein, Melinda Antonson, Melissa Kohoutek

Finance: Melissa Kohoutek, Nick Rohne

Team Pictures: Alyce Kaufman

Tournaments: TBD per tournament (all board)

Try-Out: Melissa Kohoutek, Scott Schneider, Paul Stenglein, Hank Lynch

8U Program Coordinator: John Herrick, Nick Rohne

Alliance: Melissa Kohoutek, John Schiek, Alyce Kaufman, Nick Rohne, Scott Schneider, Brad Asplund

Fast & Furious: All Board Members must participate and help
            Columbus Director: Nick Rohne
            Fenway Director: TBD

Scholarship: Melissa Kohoutek, Nick Rohne

Ethics: Alyce Kaufman, Mike Dowdall (All executive board members)