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Girls T-Ball / Modified Pitch Softball

2021 Season

Hello softball families!  I know this news is not going to be taken easy and it will impact many families in different ways.  Numbers have been dwindling over the past several years at the 3rd-6th grade levels for modified pitch softball, making it hard to field enough teams. 

Starting this Spring 2021, our organization is merging the modified pitch program into ours (FOREST LAKE AREA FASTPITCH ASSOCIATION) to make one program.  We are going to continue to have a T-ball program for those participants that are 4-6 years of age.  The change occurs with 6–8-year old's.   If they want to continue to play, they will be transitioned into our fastpitch program from T-ball into the 8U program.   

The 8U program is not as intensive of a program as 10U and older.   Our 8U program has one practice a week and 1-2 games a week.  Games are played with "softies" softballs in a coach pitch type format.   The 10U program has games 1-2 nights per week along with practice 1-2 nights, in addition, up to 5 weekend tournaments that are included in your registration fee.  The tournament schedule is at the discretion of the coach.  The season runs from end of April, weather permitting, through mid-July. 

Registrations will start immediately for the 2021 season.  Age level is determined by how old your daughter was on 1/1/21.  So, a 9-year-old can legally play 8U if she turns 9 after 1/1/21.   AGE LEVEL IS DETERMINED BY HOW OLD YOUR DAUGHTER WAS ON 1/1/21.  Similarly, an 11-year-old may play 10U if her 11th birthday was after 1/1/21.

The TBALL registration fee will be $100 dollars for the player and that will entail a 7-week season of one game and one practice a week.  On the 8th-week we will have an end of the season tournament for all the teams similar to previous years.   As such, expect an 8-week season for T-ball (APPROXIMATELY MAY-JUNE.) When you fill out the registration, please let us know if you are interested in being a coach, or an assistant coach.  Registration fees will be covered for the head coach.  The goal with T-ball is to form teams by each school, just like in previous years.  

Players that are 7–8-year old's, or 6 year olds who have already played T-ball, fee is $155.00

Players that are 9-10 years old will register for the 10U program which is $360.00

Any players interested in playing that are over the age of 11, as of 1/1/21, will need to contact us and be placed on a waiting list until we have enough players to field another team at that age level.  .  

I hope this transition year will go smoothly for all involved but we know there will be bumps in the road along the way.  If you have any questions, complaints, concerns, please contact us and let us know your concern and we will attempt to correct it if we are able to.  Our hope is that the modified families will be able to enjoy our program that we offer to these girls of our community!  Many friendships will be made among parents, coaches, players, and fans.  It is our hope that we can all enjoy the time outside playing a sport we love to teach and play! 

Melissa Kohoutek
FLAFA President

Forest Lake Area Fastpitch Assoc. 

6U T-Ball Registration

T-Ball is new to FLAFA so please bare with us as we navigate through assign players to teams and getting a schedule set up. 

8U/10U Registration Below

Below is the link for registering your players for 8U or 10U Fastpitch. If you have issues with the registration page please email

12U Waiting List

We need 11 players to create a 12U softball team. As of right now we are creating a waiting list. If we get to 11 players we will email out an official registration to players on the waiting list. Once we get to 11 we may stop taking players as well. 12U cost is $385.00