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Core Covenants



A MN Alliance softball player shows honor by sacrificing for a cause greater than herself.

  1. I will ensure softball is a top priority in my life from May-July, for the duration of the entire softball season.
  2. I will take pride in my team and support the team through my actions and words, on and off the field.
  3. I will promote positive team chemistry. I will not not talk negatively about my teammates, coaching staff, or the program.
  4. I will always put the needs of the team before my own needs as an individual.


A MN Alliance softball player earns respect by showing respect to her teammates, coaches, opponents, and the game.

  1. I will be on time, if not early, to all practices, games, and team events.
  2. If I have a conflict with a practice, game, or event that I cannot work around, I will let my coach know as soon as possible.
  3. I will communicate with my teammates honestly and respectfully.
  4. I will take responsibility for the care and handling of team and personal equipment. I will not throw or abuse equipment at any time.
  5. I will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.


A MN Alliance softball player puts her heart into everything that she does.

  1. I will give everything I have, including full energy and positive participation, every day at practices and games.
  2. I will do everything I can to develop team spirit through encouragement, work ethic, and drive.
  3. I will come to every single practice and game determined to make myself and my team better.
  4. I will challenge myself to overcome failures and will not give excuses for myself, teammates, coaches, or the team.


A MN Alliance softball player shows character by being a woman of integrity.

  1. I will reach my full potential and do my best with all of my academic classes.
  2. I will conduct myself properly on all trips and events to reflect community pride and class.
  3. I will maintain composure by doing my best not to get frustrated or discouraged with my abilities, the umpires, coaches, fans, or any other things I can not control.